Progressive Interventions and Sanctions

The purpose of having a progressive interventions and sanctions policy is to provide a framework to guide community supervision (probation) officer intervention and decision-making when a violation of probation has occurred. A clear, consistent understanding of the steps to be taken when responding to violation behavior can increase officer autonomy and reduce the filing of petitions to revoke probation in cases where a response short of revocation and incarceration is appropriate.

Our goal is to intervene selectively and proactively with offenders to reduce the likelihood of future criminal activity and to bring about positive changes in the lives of the offenders, increasing their chances of successfully completing their probationary term. To do this, we employ supervision strategies that hold offenders accountable for their actions, including monitoring and/or influencing offender behavior, and through the development of or referral to rehabilitative programs specific to offender needs. We also have a secondary goal of ensuring an appropriate and proportionate response to all violations of the conditions of community supervision, in which we take into account such factors as the risk level of the offender, the nature of the violation, and the objective of offender accountability.